Reflexology helps pain relief

man pain

Pain can be a horrible and relentless symptom of numerous health conditions, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and ME to name a few. Those who experience pain daily understandably experience lower mood, reduced daily functioning, and are keen to find something that will help them get through each day.

In 2013, a UK study showed that Reflexology was an effective method of pain relief. In the study, participants were asked to put their hands into ice-cold water and timed. Those who had received Reflexology prior to submerging their hand reported 40% less pain and were able to keep their hands in for 45% longer than participants who received a placebo.

Whilst further studies need to be done, it is promising to see Reflexology being recognised for the positive impact it can have on people’s health. The fact that it is a natural, non-obtrusive option, that can be as enjoyable to receive as a massage, makes Reflexology treatments an excellent option for looking after yourself: mind, body, and soul.