Classic Reflexology (hands, feet, ears)

Classic Reflexology: Hand Treatments

30 minutes

Our hands are constantly working, whether it’s holding a good cup of tea, punching the air when our favourite team scores a goal, sliding buttons into position, gripping heavy tools, or dancing over a key board. Its no wonder, then, that tension can built up in our hands.

Hand Reflexology is great for relieving hand tension whilst also acting as a full reflexology treatment. Its wonderfully relaxing treatment that will give new life to your digits. If you’re short on time then this treatment may be more for you.

Uses hot towels to melt away stress and a moisturising balm that will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

Classic Reflexology: Foot Treatments

60 minutes, 90 minutes

The feet have the potential to move in 150 different ways, make up one quarter of all the bones in our body, and weigh usually around 2% of our total body weight, which they support. Apparently, feet can be seen developing in the womb in a 6 week-old fetus, and will take shape before many of our organs. So, they’re quite important!

Foot Reflexology is a great opportunity to give our feet a little something back. As with the hands, a foot treatment involves stimulating reflex areas to encourage healing in other parts of the body aligned with that reflex point.

Foot reflexology is a more focused and comprehensive treatments, and has more powerful benefits than working on the hands due to covering most of the main meridian points. If you’re new to Reflexology, this is the one I’d recommend as a starter treatment.

Uses hot towels to melt away stress and a moisturising balm that will leave your skin feeling nourished and pampered.

Ear Reflexology

15 minutes approximately

Want to give your ears a day off? Here’s how! The ear has the shortest, most direct pathway to the brain, and so this short treatment can have a big impact! Following the same Reflexology ethos in that the ear represents a microsystem for the body as a whole, this treatment not only feels wonderful but comes with the offer of having Ear Seeds placed on those troublesome areas, so you can feel better for even longer!